3S is responsible for giving safety, the environment, and loss control primary consideration in all situations. This is done by instilling in all managers, including first line supervisors, that they are responsible for the safety of their crews, their environment and loss control. In turn, 3S managers hold employees accountable for their performance through performance reviews, counseling, or disciplinary actions.

3S managers communicate their commitment to safety and the environment by sharing the company's standards with employees, contractors, and customers and setting the example for all. Managers conduct routine audits and inspections, OID (Observation, Intervention and Documentation) observations, promptly correcting unsafe conditions or acts and investigating all incidents, injuries, near misses, and unsafe conditions. Behavior based observations made by any 3S employee are entered into the OID Program scorecards and are used to develop trends for the company. These trends are discussed at monthly safety meetings and with the safety committee. Together solutions are developed and actions are taken to prevent incidents.


Professional Development

HSE Personnel are evaluated and development opportunities are identified. Personnel participate in various specialized training through TEEX, OSHA, SafeLand, VeriForce, ISN, etc.

Job Site Safety Plan

This process, from start to finish is a dynamic team effort which manages projects through integration of project management and HSE goals, that once executed is a key factor in 3S Services daily pro-active mitigation. The 3S Job Safety Plan begins with training and assessment of the job-site by a 3S Supervisor & HSE Representative (prior to any work being done). Training emphasis will be focused on thorough job-site evaluations to determine pre-existing hazards and planned mitigation of said hazards. Mitigation planning/implementation is reviewed to ensure timely delivery and adequate installation time. Finally, document tracking and retention will be discussed throughout the 3S organization to ensure task ownership is effectively communicated and respective parties are accountable for completion.

Task Specific Orientation

Rolled out in 2012 with primary focus on Equipment Operators & Line Finders, efforts are focused on not only a introduction to the 3S HSE culture & use of 3S SOPs, but also hazards directly associated with the respective tasks and appropriate mitigation of known hazards.

Meeting/Training Guidelines

Meeting/training size, language & weekly tailgate training. Meetings are broke down by crew, area, etc. to aids in information retention & supports a more active open discussion forum . Monthly meetings & training are translated and preparations made for a separate Spanish session. Our Tailgate Meeting Trainings are weekly meetings conducted to cover a pre-determined topic chosen from the 3S HSE Manual.


Consistent Customer Communication

Weekly OID statistics, near miss information, notable findings & audit information are shared on a weekly basis. This practice is beneficial to both our customers & our employees as it offers "real time" information and opportunity for either improvement or commendation.

Hand Held Tablets Assigned to Supervisors

Supervisors and Field HSE Personnel are equipped with tablets to use for immediate SOP updates and access, electronic audit , permit, & general reporting forms as well as "real time" safety alert communication.


Specific Program

Each Region and Division within the 3S Organization has specific tasks and crafts that are often times unique to that area. This has lead to the implementation of a Division Specific Quarterly Audit Program.

Customer Involvement

3S Services has joint audit effort expectations for each Manager within the 3S Organization. Managers participate in a minimum of 1 joint audit each month.

Supervisor Accountability

Supervisors are trained on tracking accountability and following up on finds/action items.

“While 000 has always been & continues to be our annual goal, I realize that this can only be accomplished thru daily dedication to core values; focusing on the DAY will truly lead to significant year-long HSE accomplishments. A daily goal of 000 puts the goal into a personal perspective for our employees.”

Brandon Webb
CEO 3S Services, LLC

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